Innovation Reading List FAQs

The Innovation Reading List helps change agents in community and business select innovation books. All books are professionally selected by 2thinknow, packed and shipped by Amazon — the brand global book buyers trust.

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Who selects the innovation reading list?

The innovation reading is selected by innovation agency, 2thinknow.

Why does an innovation reading list help me?

The innovation reading list selects the best books that help you as a change agents. It does this in ‘general innovation’ texts, and also by industry segment, which is the unique 2thinknow model of innovation.

Why books, aren’t they old fashioned?

Books are a valuable knowledge format for change in many sectors of the local and global economy.

Who ships the books on the reading list?

All books are shipped by Amazon, the world’s leading book merchant.

What is Innovation by industry segment?

It’s about focus. All industries are different, and we use our leading-edge global City Benchmarking Data program to select the best books for industries and community segments undergoing change.

Innovation by industry segment helps you focus.

How are books important to my change initiatives ?

Books give you the best learning for detailed understanding of change, that you can review in your own time.

This includes models, case studies, and detailed explanations. Websites cannot offer this detailed consideration of the change process. There is also something to be said for the printed format.

Do you offer electronic versions of books?

Many of the books are available in kindle format as well.

Are innovation analyst reports available from Amazon?

No. These are custom prepared, for each client. And are available directly from 2thinknow.

More information here:

What about if I’d prefer a more personal service for innovation?

We suggest you check out 2thinknow’s Innovation Toolkit. This contains innovation courses, events

How long have 2thinknow worked in the innovation area?

2thinknow were established as an innovation agency brand in 2006, from original research in 2005.

As pioneers in the innovation industry, 2thinknow take seriously our role.

When was your group company established?

Our group company has traded since 1999, working in discreet data analysis, presentation and data solutions. We have worked with many service clients since 1999, large companies, NGOs and departments including Australian Federal Government, Australian Defence Dept, GE, Comm Bank, ANZ, Nestle, Toyota, LendLease and Catholic Education; as well as numerous mid-size private companies.

Where are 2thinknow based?

In Melbourne Australia, our formal office is in the Rialto building. Contact us.