Ordering & Shipping FAQ

All book orders are ordered directly with and fulfilled by world-leading book merchants Amazon (USA). Here are some frequently asked questions about the book ordering and shipping process.

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Who fulfills and ships my book order?

All books are fulfilled and shipped by Amazon, the world’s leading book merchant.

Where does my credit card payment go to?

Amazon, the world’s leading book merchant.The bill will show as billed from Amazon.

Does my shopping cart link to my Amazon profile?


What other benefits of Amazon are there?

It’s convenient. You can use your existing Amazon account with our bookstore, as well as any offers, credits or vouchers (when you check out).

How are my credit card details secured?

As the world’s largest book merchant, Amazon uses secure data centres, global best practice and the best available commercial encryption.

Why did you choose Amazon?

Because they are the world’s largest, with the biggest long-tail of stock, and the broadest range of pricing options.

If there is a delay or problem with my book(s) shipment who should I contact?

Amazon. All orders are place directly with Amazon when you click ‘Check-Out’.

How do I get my book listed in the bookstore or reviewed?

See our author and publisher FAQ here.