Publisher & Author FAQs

Frequently asked questions from publisher, authors and self-publishers, and innovation consultants who have a book on Amazon, who would like it featured on our ‘Innovation Reading List’ and reviewed by 2thinknow innovation analysts.

How can I get my book in your Innovation Bookstore?

First make sure it is sold on Amazon (USA).

Then simply contact us via web form here asking us to consider your book.

(This does not guarantee inclusion, but it increases your chances 🙂 ).

What type of innovation books are 2thinknow interested in selling?

Any books that are published on the topic of innovation, and are in English (preferred) and listed on the Amazon booksite.

We are also interested in any books related to industry disruption and change, general business change, as well as the global cities movement.

The key words are innovation and change.

Of course we only list books that are a useful contribution to knowledge in the area.

How do you sell books?

All orders go direct to Amazon. Amazon holds, fulfills, and ships books for us. They also show up therefore in your Amazon stats.

Will you review my book as well?

You can send us ebooks or books for review. We will review your book if it directly pertains to innovation.

Where will the book reviews appear?

2thinknow innovation analysts will review books which will appear here and also on other 2thinknow websites. Some may also be syndicated to other sites.

What type of book review style do we have?

Generally an informative style that indicates the type of reader it is suited to, and topic matter. We are really assessing the information in the book, and who it might be useful too.

When will book reviews appear?

7-10 days after we receive your book on average.

Who reviews my books?

2thinknow innovation analysts.

How do I send you my book?

Please send us express your copy for review, you can mail / or email ebooks to the address here. Print books are preferred.

Can you send back my review book?

No. The Innovation Reading List is an adjunct to assist change agents everywhere  to select books.

The Innovation bookstore by 2thinknow is not yet a majorly profitable venture, more an adjunct.

If you are self-publishing, and short on copies (or you are selling out!) please feel free to send us a ‘seconds’ copy for review,

How should I send my book?

International first class airmail is best. Seamail is very slow to Australia. International courier is fine also.

Can I send you my unpublished work?

No. All works must be published first, even if self-published in a book format. They must also be accepted by Amazon, first.

Please do not send original manuscripts.

Why should I fight (!) to include my book here?

Because we are creating the best global resource for innovation books on the internet!

And books are exposed to anyone who visits 2thinknow web properties, including 2thinknow, the Innovation Cities Program, Globe Innovator, and others.

Also we provide valuable exposure to books on the Innovation Reading List as part of 2thinknow innovation education and skilling programs, including the Innovation Course™ and Local Innovation Forum events.

How can I thank you for including my book?

It would then be really nice if you wrote a post on your blog with a link. And/or included a blog roll link to our store.

And any nice other publicity from you lads and lasses in P.R. is always welcome! We reciprocate!

How can I increase awareness of my book?

Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook and social media. Give speeches at bookshops and bar camps. Start a blog and feature your book. And of course, feature your book at

How much of my book price goes to you?

Amazon pays us on average 4% commission of the book price, if the book is purchased here. This compares with 15-30% in the book trade, who have to of course, cover stores (and provide returns).

We wish you every success, in publishing books on innovation!